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Blackjack city is a type of gambling game that uses playing cards that are played by two to eight people and there is one person who acts as a bookie in this game and the rest are players.

Stages in the Blackjack City

  1. The Selection Stage of Bandar – the system in Blackjack city or bandar Blackjack will automatically select a dealer who has met the criteria of becoming a bookie. The requirement is so easy, just bring some money in accordance with the provisions of the game table. The game will not start if no player wants to become a bookie until waiting for a player to become a bookie.
  2. Betting Stage – after the player has been selected as a bookie, he will enter the Betting stage and each player is given 7 seconds to place the bet. The player will lose the chance to place the bet and will continue to the next player to place a bet if the time runs out. The amount of bets that can be placed varies according to the value stated on the game table where you play. Each player along with airport will get 2 pieces of the card once all betting is installed.
  3. Stage of Credit Cards – each player has 20 seconds to open the card after the cards are distributed to each player. On this occasion the excitement of the Blackjack game took place. You can peek at the card obtained by saving the card. The card will automatically open after 20 seconds, and at this stage, each player complains with the dealer.

Gambling online

Jackpot Game Bandar Blackjack

The jackpot is the most exciting excitement in mobile blackjack city games because of each player has the opportunity to get a jackpot while playing but only by buying a Jackpot ticket before the round of the game takes place. Here are the criteria for the jackpot card at Bandar Blackjack:

  • Royal Flush – the payout rate is 80% of the jackpot jug of the game table.
  • Straight Flush – the rate of the payout is 30% of the jackpot pitcher in the game table.
  • Four of a Kind – this payout rate is 10% of the jackpot jug of the game table.

Objectives as a Role in City Blackjack Games

  1. As a card dealer, the value must be higher than the player. The put in from all players is taken by the dealer and so is the opposite when the dealer wins.
  2. The combination card held by the player must be higher than the dealer being a player. The player will receive money from the dealer once the player wins.

The player’s money bet will be returned if the value of the card is the same or a series with the bookie.

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